Start Visualizing Here

Start Visualizing Here
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Dean Meyers graphic recording at World Innovation Forum 2012

Graphic Recording

Enable your next planning session, brainstorming, or large-scale event to be more memorable for participants. Graphic Recording captures both content and the essence of the meeting, through words, pictures, color and organizing elements, all done live or from video or audio recordings made while the event happens. Participants routinely report better recall of information when they review graphic recordings that combine text and visuals scribed as the event occurs.

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Dean Meyers - Graphic Facilitator

Visual Facilitation

Create, innovate, and invigorate your next strategy session by using visual facilitation. Start with a visual agenda, fill the walls with roadmaps, plans and visual tools to break the mold of a words-only way of facilitating change.

Visual facilitation methods employed include:


  • World Café
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Open Space
  • Systems mapping
  • The Customer Journey Map
  • Visual Meetings with popular visual frameworks


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5 Diagrams in 15 Minutes by Dean Meyers

Visual Frameworks for Innovation and Development

What is a Visual Framework? It’s a collection of tools and methods that help to guide and assist the process of ideation, discovery, assigning value and creating processes to achieve your goals. Through facilitation, visual frameworks enhance your ability to uncover new ideas, find solutions and work with groups to get things done effectively. Speak with us about applying visual frameworks in settings that complement:


  • Lean/Six Sigma
  • Agile Development
  • Group Process
  • Business Model Generation
  • Strategy and development work
  • User Experience research and design
  • Service Design
From Mind-mapping, systems mapping and other forms of diagramming and storyboarding, visual frameworks become tools that can be employed both by groups and individuals to improve communication and find greater insight.

Clients we’ve helped with visualization for their business or event

Clients for Graphic Visualization: Endurance/Rabobank/