Visual Business Tools for Virtual Meetings – Part 2

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Visual Business Tools for Virtual Meetings – Part 2

Add the ability to let others draw along with me, or scribble a note or highlight something they see, and we are even more collectively creative.

The Whiteboard Grows Up 

While programs and services like Basecamp, and a growing number of similar services, mainly focus on allowing resources, files and messages to be shared with teams via the web, the classic whiteboard, probably one of the most fundamental visual sharing tool for countless business meetings, hasn’t had many successful web versions. I’ve had accounts with a few online services offering a virtual whiteboard for web meetings, and found them usually slow to respond and difficult for everyone in a virtual meeting to grasp how to use. is a relatively new web-based service, and a very promising combination of visual productivity tool and virtual conferencing. What really excites me about this tool is the ability for all the participants to  simultaneously add content to the giant visual workspace. Upload a picture or draw right on the whiteboard with the simple tools. Make notations, add comments, and, best of all, scribble, doodle, highlight and draw.
Detail of visual notes sketched on the board and online conversation.

Detail of visual notes sketched on the board and online conversation.

Pictured in this post are two screen shots from a new project with a client, where we followed an in-person meeting that I facilitated visually by documenting the project in You can see the photos of my whiteboard drawings pinned to the virtual whiteboard in Conceptboard, along with his notes and highlights, and my answers, both written and drawn, all added directly on the virtual whiteboard. There is the ability to track uploads in their chronological order, as well as the conversations (on-screen chats).
My client likes the tool, and took to it in minutes: that’s how it should work.
Though I might need to implement more trackability to find particular content as the whiteboard grows in scope, I’m already counting this as one of the powerful creativity tools I intend to use with many clients, especially where there will be a great deal of remote interaction or a need for asynchronous visual communication. It feels much like phone communication did when cordless phones were first introduced: a bit novel, but definitely a big step forward.
Come online, visualize and sketch your ideas with me, wherever you are!
This post was originally created for @blogbrevity, who hosts the monthly Twitter chat #ideachat and gathers creativity and innovation thinker’s content on her  Posterous blog.
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