The Vivaldi Partner Group Visualizes Trends for 2013

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The Vivaldi Partner Group Visualizes Trends for 2013

Graphic recording at a Christmas party? I hope it becomes a new trend! Last week I  helped Vivaldi Partners Group in New York City to visually explain the trends they (and party guests) saw coming in 2013 and beyond.  In the graphic, you can see where the start their thinking:

The Six Behaviors of Social Currency

Vivaldi Partners Group Social Currency



Understanding and engaging in these behaviors is how brands and business can prosper in a digitally connected world. You can read more in depth on their web site. But they see even more coming ahead, and with the participation of the people in the room they outlined trends and connections that will explain how and why brands may flourish or disappear. Here are three highlights from the “mind mingling”:

The Story of Me

All of the focus will come from what the Vivaldi Partners Group calls, “The Story of Me”, where consumers will be engaged with brands and businesses based on how the company aligns and enhances their personal values. The more a business can become involved in the personal narrative, the closer the relationship will become between consumer and product or user and supplier.

The Seamless Journey

From desktop to laptop to handheld device to brick and mortar store; the world becomes seamless as we are all expected to be accessible across every platform. The digital wallet will make everything shoppable, as the world becomes more transparent and available. Amazon, a company with no physical storefronts, is already offering same-day delivery in test areas; Walmart and other brick-and-mortar based businesses will have to make the personal experience within the store more enticing (and more personal) to compete.

The Digital Tsunami

The flood of information coming from all of these devices connecting us seamlessly  is being called “Big Data”, but what it means for some sectors (health and finance come to mind first) is the challenge of managing privacy, compliance and risk management.

A Trend I’d Like to See

From my experience at this event, the trend I hope to see will be planning sessions, brainstorming events and strategy meetings set up with a warm and friendly atmosphere, treating it like a party, with graphic recording and visual facilitation an integral part of the agenda. Graphically recording this Christmas party/mind mingle could be the start of something big!

Graphic Recording - Vivaldi Partners Group - Trends 2013






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